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Our Teams - Cross Tech


The Team is focused on cross technologies in the field of relational databases, NoSQL databases, distributed messaging as well as systems for caching and application tier. The team supports a high volume and significant load of critical production environments. The focus of the team is to ensure proper security, monitoring, and auto-scaling requirements are applied for each technology in support. Moreover, each member of the team is specialized in understanding and analyzing specific problems for each technology and ensuring the proper usage is applied on a logical level. Team also provides consultancy services for architecture and project planning for each technology in support. Projects are hosted in cloud environments and for implementation, IaC technologies like Pulumi and Terraform are utilized. Last but not least the team is responsible for end-to-end lifecycle in terms of operational needs which include: regular security checks for vulnerabilities, planned updates, and deployment changes on demand.

Technologies:  Kafka, ActiveMQ, SNS, WebsphereMQ and other, AWS Lambda functions and, Fargate, Postgres, Mysql, Oracle, RDS and other, MongoDB, Redis, Memcache, Weblogic, Tomcat, Spring boot, Jenkins, Gitlab, PHP, ELK, Prometheus, Icinga, Grafana, K8S(AKS, EKS), Istio

Our Teams Hybrid Cloud


The team is focused on projects in environments that utilize multiple clouds and on-premises data centers together. We provide the ability for our clients to often be cloud-agnostic and make use of the benefits of the different cloud providers, choosing the best for the actual use case. Many of the projects are related to modernizing application workloads – transforming to microservices and moving to the cloud. That comes with many challenges as there are different implementations for services for the different providers. Technologies like Kubernetes are at the base of our operations as it allows for an easy move between any cloud provider that has a managed service for Kubernetes. We strive to maintain a high level of automatomation and ensure idempotence and use the Infrastructure-As-Code (IaC) principle, mainly utilizing Terraform as a technology to achieve that.

We follow the principle – “we build it – we run it”, so we take great care in setting up proper monitoring and general observability capabilities.

Technologies: Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, Ansible, AWS, GCP, Azure, Openstack, Terraform, Hetzner, Netcup, DigitalOcean, Webservers and databases, Storage solutions like Ceph, ELK – Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana, Prometheus, Icinga, Grafana, Jenkins and Gitlab pipelines

Our Teams - AWS


The AWS team works on infrastructure design, implementation, and support for projects that are based fully on AWS. We work with standardized practices for security, automation, and compliance following AWS’ well-architected framework. We also tend to use the most recent cloud-native technologies and practices for creating and managing any infrastructure within AWS, namely – infrastructure as code, immutable infrastructure, and micro-service-oriented architecture to name a few.

Terraform, Packer, Pulumi, Kubernetes, Docker, Helm, CI/CD pipelines, Lambda functions, Python and Bash scripting

Our Teams - Google Cloud


Focused on Google Cloud technologies and projects Certified Google Cloud Engineers Terraform The team handles mainly clients which run on the Google Cloud Platform. Helping our customers in designing their infrastructure in the cloud, assisting them in platform automation with Terraform, CI/CD pipelines in Jenkins or GitLab, and migration of different workloads in the cloud. Our engineers are keeping up on the latest DEV OPS technologies by constant knowledge development. One of our main goals is to keep customer satisfaction as high as possible. We are dedicated to reducing manual steps/efforts at all aspects to a minimum by attempting to automate as much as possible.

GKE, ComputeEnagine, AppEngine, CloudSQL, Terraform, Ansible, Helm, ArgoCD, GitLab, Jenkins, Docker

SRE Team


Provides level 1 responsive support to all customers from all teams(horizontal structure) Responsible for resolving frequently known incidents and/or performing an initial investigation of complex or rare cases; keeping a consistent knowledge base of known issues and general customer context; escalates issues and hands over health status to project teams; monitoring of client systems using various tools to detect warning signs and pre-critical issues, as well as register critical cases; focused on reducing urgency cases as much as possible.

Linux, Icinga2 Monitoring, Ansible, AWS, Apache, HAProxy, Java microservices, Kafka, Docker

Our Teams


The team’s primary focus is working tightly together with teams of developers to establish CI/CD processes, choose and improve infrastructure setups and monitor environments. Most of our workloads run in Docker and most of them are in Kubernetes environments. Our preferred cloud platform is AWS, but we also use private clouds like Openstack and Cloudstack and some lesser-known public alternatives. In terms of technology, we don’t shy away from trying out any new tool that would improve our and the client’s experience.

Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, AWS, Netcup, Openstack, Cloudstack, Terraform, Gitlab-ci, Jenkins, Bitbucket pipelines, ArgoCD, Ansible, Puppet, Terraform, Cloudformation Nginx, Apache, Haproxy,Icinga2, Elastic Stack, Prometheus, Ceph

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