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The gaming industry experiences tremendous transformation. Cloud computing brings numerous advantages to the virtual battlefield. Millions of players worldwide are playing games via the cloud in real-time. While gaming, audiences need high uptime combined with sustained low latency.

Discover your best business-driven DevOps and Cloud practices

Gaming organizations are moving around different markets, accepting new challenges, and trying to collect as many opportunities as to grow faster. The primary obstacle remains the constant and rapid industry switches in form of new features, new games and new customers.

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DevOps sets Cloud gaming to unleash a revolution in the gaming industry

DevOps enables online and gaming companies to take advantage of the speed and magnitude of digital disruption. Meeting expectations in customer experiences, creating and serving content continuously and uninterruptedly, and executing a proven and effective business strategy necessitates scalable and agile business processes. Automation and microservices architecture implementation drive the market as engineers increase their efficiency.


The right DevOps expertise can build a flexible release framework in a speedy and efficient manner based on the user’s behavior and help you create a unique gaming experience by scaling-up the experience of the game. Adopting DevOps in the early stages will assist your digital gaming initiative with the right technologies and strategy, thus creating a competitive business model in the rapidly growing gaming industry. With a seamless DevOps implementation, you can move fast and achieve positive results by leveraging the possibilities in relevance to your business objective.

Does your gaming business keep up with the industry trends, tech advancements and reflect the changing customer preferences?

How do you maintain the pace with the growing competition and complexity in the gaming industry?

How to create an efficient business strategy while dealing with multiple real-time challenges?

ITGix gives your game studio peace of mind by providing incident-free operations that free your technical staff to focus on your best game development.

ITGix Managed Services Help You Level Up

ITGix’s solutions and managed services for the gaming and entertainment industry can support every stage of your game’s life cycle. We provide managed services for game technology, allowing you to focus on features and improvements instead of infrastructure, incidents, and outages and boost scalability and performance.

ITGix’s seasoned engineers have deep expertise in building secure, robust, scalable environments to support gaming industry products. We architect solutions, leveraging the full capabilities of your gaming business to help accomplish successful game adoption and growth.

We can assist you to streamline code development and deployment, scale dynamically, monitor infrastructure performance, and apply analytics to continuously improve the player experience. ITGix brings the expertise to help you build, evolve, and scale your environment to exceed player expectations.


Accelerate code development and deployment with modern containerization tools and expert techniques.


Architect and build a global, scalable infrastructure to ensure low latency and an ultimate engaging experience.


Leverage the latest technologies to monitor performance and analyze players’ behavior for continual improvement.

Why ITGix

From Cloud migrations to proactive support, we deliver tangible IT results. With more than 7 years of experience in accelerating businesses, our certified engineers can help you achieve your goals: performance optimization, ROI boost, and cost reduction.

We are helping companies design, architect, migrate, build, and manage their application workloads. We enable businesses to advance their journey to the cloud, overachieve desired business outcomes, and reach emerging global markets.

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