We use the best DevOps practices
in everything we do

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Research and Discovery

Our main goal is to deeply understand your business challenges and the idea behind our future collaboration. We carefully analyze your requirements, research the market, define existing bottlenecks, and evaluate the future concept.

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Free Audit and Analysis of the IT infrastructure and DevOps processes

Once we complete our research, we move on to auditing and analysing your IT environment. Our audit contains careful identification of inefficiencies, security gaps and other discoveries about your automation and scalability. 
Also, we propose best-fit CI/CD processes and automation software delivery pipeline. We guarantee an ultimate service of scaling, consistent deployments with high performance and zero unexpected outages. 

Project Definition and Execution

We provide you with a detailed analysis. As we determine our common goals and needs, we define the project scope, prepare a functionality list, and identify the technical sustainability of the project.
We come up with a project roadmap and define the tech stack of the solution. 
We schedule a second meeting between you and your dedicated project manager. We review the project together and answer your every question.

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Team of seasoned DevOps engineers​
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Project specification and estimation
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Technical specifications & Project timeline
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Total cost estimation

Managed Services

After completing your project, based on the audit phase, we offer managed services guaranteeing the infrastructure components are running smoothly. It is of utmost importance to organize an efficient support process, to ensure smooth deployment processes, make sure SLAs are met, and react to users’ feedback and changing business requirements. We make sure your infrastructure is well optimized and achieve perfect scalability for smooth project growth.

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Continuous Support and Improvement of environment

Based on the insights from managed services we continuously propose projects for optimization of IT infrastructure.

We organize an efficient support process to control the quality of the project, continuously perform security checks via our Continuous Security Scanning pipelines, install new updates, and react to users’ feedback and changing business requirements.

With the dynamically changing business requirements reflecting on your IT infrastructure, we are constantly on the lookout for more optimal and cost-effective solutions for your environment to deliver optimized operational efficiency.

Our mission is to offer you unrivaled and reliable solutions at the most reasonable prices. We offer comprehensive solutions for your ongoing management, support, and platform maintenance.

ITGix helps you make technology simple, manageable, and affordable with our seasoned team of highly skilled resources and sophisticated tools to help you manage risks, reduce costs, and make your business more efficient and productive with the most modern tech tools.

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Project roadmap
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Implementation improvements
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Security optimization recommendation
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Performance optimization recommendations