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Retail & E-commerce DevOps solutions and Managed Services​

Managed services for the retail industry​

Nowadays, the retail industry meets many challenges and has to actively seek how to stay on top of it’s game on a daily basis. ITGix can help you make technology simple, manageable, and affordable. With extensive experience in the retail industry, we can guarantee that your infrastructure will be running optimally. Having supported retail ops software, retail pos software, retail management system, retail inventory software and more, ITGix is a preferred managed services provider for many successful e-commerce businesses.

With retail and e-commerce managed services, your IT team will have the availability to focus on most pressing tasks, while we handle the day-to-day responsibilities for your infrastructure. Your team will deliver high value solutions, while avoiding burnout, so your business can run smoothly.

ITGix Industries

DevOps and Cloud technology for the retail & e-commerce industry

As a business with dynamic and unpredictable computing needs, Retail & E-commerce companies need direct control over their environments. ITGix can help you achieve this, in a proven and cost efficient way. Having provided DevOps & Cloud services to companies like Bata and Daimler, you can be sure that your business is in good hands.

At ITGix we know what costs the extra mile from traditional IT to a single button approach and how to speed up the release to production process. We do this with zero impact, which makes us one of the Top IT Outsourcing Companies in Bulgaria for 2020, according to Clutch. ITGix achieves this by having certified engineers that deliver extraordinary results with technologies like Ansible, Puppet, Docker, Kubernetes and Openstack.

Our Key Differentiators

ITGix 24/7 Support

24/7 Expert Support

We help you to challenge the digital transformation by delivering best-in-class engineering consultancy with hands-on DevOps assistance.

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Build Relationship

ITGix delivers exactly what you need, by making the effort to really understand our customers.

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Industry Leaders

Having business experience in key industries, our engineers will deliver quality results.

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Certified Engineers

Oracle certified professionals with engineering degrees guarantee your business’ success.

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Zero Downtime

We make sure your customers or employees get the ultimate service with zero downtime.

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ITGix Methodology

With over 5+ years of experience, ITGix has a proven methodology that will suit your business.


Thanks to ITGix’s work, the client achieved a faster time-to-market and a higher deployment frequency, ultimately delivering an enhanced, stable, and reliable system. The client also achieved cost savings and an improved customer satisfaction. ITGix was communicative and collaborative.

Paul Nyzuk

CTO, Sport Ventures Holdings Inc.

CTO, Sport Ventures Holdings Inc.

ITGix has been an outstanding DevOps partner for 2 years, excelling in architecture guidance and seamless collaboration with our dev team. Their 24/7 support is unparalleled, swiftly resolving issues. ITGix also demonstrates impressive employee management, fostering seamless integration of their staff within our organization. Their expertise and commitment make ITGix a top choice for organizations seeking innovative and reliable DevOps solutions.

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer, Taylor & Hart

Chief Technology Officer, Taylor & Hart

At Docomo Digital we have been working on a day-to-day basis with the wonderful people at ITGix for many years now. Ever since, the relationship has been one of fairness, openness, a mutual respect and – I may say – even comradery. We value very much their professionalism, responsiveness and especially their active collaboration.

We are looking forward to continuing this great relationship with ITGix in the years to come.

Docomo Digital

Head of Software Development, DOCOMO Digital Germany GmbH

Head of Software Development, DOCOMO Digital Germany GmbH

Our product, Stremio, is an entertainment video aggregation app – it faces many infrastructural challenges, related to processing big amounts of data. ITGix helped us greatly with solving those challenges. Hiring ITGix freed our development team from infrastructural tasks, allowing them to work on taking the product to the next level. ITGix also allowed us to grow our user base without worrying about whether our systems would be able to take the load.



CEO, has hired ITGIX server support team for our online travel gift card. They not only produced the results within the time factor we agreed, but also offered additional suggestions on scaling, architecture and OS upgrades. We found their team to be exceptional in communication, expertise and long term advice.

I would absolutely hire them again and highly recommend them.



Extremely knowledgeable in AWS technology. The team I am working with is very honest and realistic in their project estimations. They have proven to be very responsive in monitored alerts and are quick at solving problems. Collaboration and transparency on project hurdles\solutions has also been a very positive experience and am never left feeling that a decision was made based on personal bias but what is best for our business. I have worked with multiple outsourcing groups and would rank ITGix at the top of my list!

Engaged Nation

Engaged Nation

Chief Software Architect, Engaged Nation

For the past 4 years, Bata have had the pleasure of having ITGix as our main support partner.  ITGix consultants have provided high level proactive support for many of our often diverse systems, always with a high level of knowledge, expertise and organisation.  They have greatly improved our infrastructure stability and reliability, implementing solutions such as high availability, monitoring, security and many more. 

We enjoy working with them as they are very responsive and understand our needs.  We have a high level of trust in their abilities and know that our environment is safe with their support.



Head of development, Bata

We have been relying on ITGix as our trusted DevOps partner for many years and they deliver excellent results. Our AWS environment is complex, encompassing numerous products and services, and it also entails a lot of autoscaling of resources to handle highly variable loads involving millions of users every day. They have worked to develop a cost-effective network infrastructure environment for our users. ITGix has also been instrumental in deploying infrastructure as a service through automation technologies such as Terraform, to eliminate most of the manual DevOps management and deployment that characterized our environment previously. Their staff are knowledgeable and easy to work with and we highly recommend their services.



Vice President & General Manager, Securly