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Join our industry-leading team of DevOps experts and strategic thinkers who strive for
excellence and a company that fosters a collaborative and supportive environment.


Senior DevOps & Cloud Engineer

Sofia, Bulgaria

Junior DevOps & Cloud Engineer

Sofia, Bulgaria

Junior DevOps SRE engineer

Sofia, Bulgaria

Our Career Mentorship Programs & Trainings

Our Revolutionary 3-tier Training Program offers a path to the technology career you want

Your Personal Training Plan Goal Mapping

Your Personal Training Plan & Goal Mapping
Personal level

Your Team Lead defines an intensive training program designed to help you gain theoretical & experiential learning and adjust your on-the-job experience. Fine-tune your plans & goals to gain expertise in desired emerging technologies & leadership skills. Let us develop your personal journey training map Complete your training program & get certified. The certification process represents proof of your professionalism.

One-to-One Buddy Мentorship
Team level

Theory and practice go hand in hand in DevOps. You struggle with a case? Not sure about the solution? Feel like you might use some help? High-potential mentoring provides personal attention, guidance, and professional development opportunities by top performers in your workplace. An experienced Senior DevOps engineer will be your coach, mentor and friend and will best navigate you throughout your journey and help you progress faster.

One to One Buddy Мentorship

Precious DevOps resources to supercharge your DevOps career
Company level

At ITGix we encourage growth and strive for mastery. We want to help you be a full-fledged DevOps specialist with extensive knowledge in various technologies and areas, while growing in the direction you have chosen. Each one of our teams shares complex and specific use cases with valuable insights and solutions for you to benefit from and upgrade your skillset even further.

Your DevOps Certification Path

We offer ITGix-sponsored certification courses to help you advance your mastery

Every certification process is strongly encouraged in the ITGix community. We offer ITGix-sponsored day-to-day or upskill certification courses for you to choose and benefit from.

To help professionals learn on-the-job skills needed to advance and help propel their expertise, ITGix offers training resources to help meet your individual training plan. We dispose of various educational portals and high-level mentorship training programs to help you skyrocket your DevOps career.

Below are some of the certifications we obtain, and we encourage our partners to propose helpful courses and add more to the list.

Why join ITGix?

Open Roles

Upskill & Supercharge
your DevOps career

Gain expertise in a wide range of modern technologies, get involved in meaningful projects, and implement innovative solutions to unleash your full potential. We strive for proficiency, and we follow all industry best practices.

Open Roles

People first

Founders work side by side with you and are accessible at all times. We all work and share while improving our community together & aim towards the same direction. We consider each other friends, rather than just colleagues.

Open Roles

Opportunity & Self-improvement

We constantly improve and help each other towards the path to reaching career peaks. We provide ITGix-sponsored courses and certifications. Newcomers to the industry are given the opportunity to experience diverse and complex project use cases that provide valuable skills and tangible expertise. We provide opportunities for continuous development and self-improvement.

Open Roles

Inspiration & Knowledge Transfer

Work in a friendly & pleasant work environment with highly-experienced, solid professionals in a cohesive team, in which everyone receives personal attention, individual approach, and development plan. We exchange knowledge & skills in different meetups & tech talks to form an ITGix community.

Open Roles

Freedom & Diversity

You have the freedom to grow in the direction you want and are stimulated to reach your full potential. Different opinions and approaches are highly encouraged & validated. Every work effort is always noticeable and appreciated, different interests are respected.

Open Roles

Be Flexible

Work from anywhere, anytime. Take advantage of flexible working hours & hybrid work models. We support students with additional vacations.

Open Roles


Minimization of the administrative duties of technicians.

Open Roles

Passion & Proficiency

Join a team with a real passion & solid expertise in DevOps technology. Find yourself invested in meaningful technology

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