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ITGix Summer Office experience: DevOps Remote work

As you might already know from our regular social media updates, at the end of August ITGix team enjoyed a week-long summer office and teambuilding. For the second year in a row, ITGix has organized and fully covered remote DevOps work from the Bulgarian seaside for our employees. 

This was a great opportunity to work from a beach hub coworking space and appreciate the sound of waves hitting the shore. Warm sun rays, iced coffee, and regular beach walks helped us bring newfound freshness and inspiration to our work schedules. We enjoyed the change of environment and worked with beach-inspired energy levels. 

Waking up to a warm sunrise in beautiful Primorsko was the perfect start to our day. We then got to the coolest coworking hub: BashHub! BashHub offered an internet connection, a perfect sea view, and comfortable accommodation for our usual work mood. And I already know what you’re about to say: “What exactly is usual in testing and deploying in your swimsuit? Are you concentrated enough to perform well?” And our answer is: It’s quite unusual but in the best way possible! It was exciting to work and we were extremely productive.

How did the Summer Office & TeamBuilding contribute to our company culture? Get to know our mission and values!

  • Flexibility to work from anywhere and anytime
work from anywhere

At ITGix we offer to our employees flexible working hours, home office, hybrid model, part-time job, full-time job… plenty of possibilities. For us, the best working model is the one that gives results, helps us to achieve our goals, and makes us happier and satisfied. This kind of freedom gives both employers and employees the opportunity to have a desirable work-life balance.

We believe that working from anywhere is absolutely crucial to the well-being of our colleagues. We offer them the advantage of flexible working hours, home office, hybrid work models, part-time jobs, full-time jobs… plenty of possibilities. Work from home, from the office, or from anywhere with a strong internet connection? It doesn’t really matter to us as long as expectations are met and our colleagues feel well. We are team #workfromanywhere!

  • Boosting and nurturing productivity via diversity and freedom
Boosting productivity at work

Diversifying the workplace setup allows us to create a more engaging and exciting environment. For us, the best working setup is the one that gives results, helps us to achieve our goals, and makes us happier and satisfied. By choosing a beach background and including swims in between meetings we were able to balance fun and productivity and have a fresher set of eyes on our ongoing project use cases. This kind of freedom gives the opportunity to have a desirable work-life balance.

  • Trust
Trust our employees to manage their work schedules

We highly value transparency and fairness in the working process. This type of openness creates trust and leads to a successful and productive collaboration. Transparency, trust, and loyalty are ongoing process that has ongoing results.

  • Teamwork and bonding
Teamwork and teambuilding, bonding

During the summer office and teambuilding, we had the opportunity to be even closer to all teams and to get to know the people we work with even better. Team bonding and friendly relations are the basis of more effective teamwork, and we strive to create the most cohesive ITGix team!

  • Helping and educating each other
Help the team, educate our partners

Teamwork, helping each other, demonstrating a “can-do” attitude, and fostering a collaborative and supportive environment has always been a must for ITGix. We recognize that the skill and enthusiasm of our team are crucial to our success. We develop continuously and always aim to improve our combined skill-set.

During the summer office, we had the ability to work even closer together and this was an amazing opportunity to help each other solve complex use cases. We had the time to sit down with a partner, pour a glass of good coffee, and brainstorm for the best out-of-the-box solution. 

What do our colleagues say about their ITGix Summer Office & Teambuilding Experience?

Finally, let’s see what our colleagues had to say about their experience in the ITGix Summer Office: 

The summer office is an amazing experience. Working outdoors, the sound of the waves and the great view gave the necessary motivation and inspiration to achieve even brighter results. Thanks to the spacious beach hub, we were closer to our colleagues than the other teams and we talk to different topics in a casual setting. It definitely made us even closer together.

ITGix team building was a week long adventure. The good organization, the summer mood, the shared positive emotions and the work from the hub made the experience extremely valuable.

We would like to thank our amazing ITGix team, who experienced our summer adventure and we wish them to find even more inspiration with us! 

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