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Last Updated: 20.09.2023

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ITGix is now an official Oracle supplier

Organizations worldwide are increasingly turning to the cloud. From the planning stage through implementation, enterprises are looking for the best software, applications, and services for a smooth transition to ensure ongoing success. They are willingly taking the initiative to migrate smarter and faster. Today comprehensive cloud management has become a necessity. Digital disruption, the adoption of cloud technologies, and the need to comply with enhanced security and compliance requirements and ensure cost savings are key factors. Oracle offers a comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications and platform services to enable all of the above and even more. Oracle partners, on their part, are leveraging brand Oracle’s power to help clients transform themselves into digital enterprises.

At ITGix we have experienced administrators of Oracle who can help you accomplish your tasks through our dedicated services. Apart from having experienced DevOps experts, we strive to deliver ultimate client satisfaction. Among all, ITGix brings its ingenious outsourcing model that enhances the services with critical elements like quality, speed, availability, responsiveness, scalability, and consistency while delivering development services in order to deliver desired results. 

We are experts at providing value-added services for Oracle technology. Customer success is our core principle. So our clients can rest assured that our team from ITGix is equipped with the demonstrated expertise and tools to help them achieve innovative results, save money, grow their top line, and reduce risks. No matter where our clients are on their journey, ITGix will meet them there. 

Our Key competencies: 

• Cloud apps • Implementation • Technical development • Application maintenance and support • Upgrade • Database (managed) services.  

We take pride in creating value for our clients

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