Yordan Todorov

Despite spending over a decade in the IT industry, DevOps is still a relatively new adventure for me. I’m always drawn to the latest technologies and love exploring various tools; the excitement they bring never gets old. What I cherish most in my work is a good challenge that keeps me motivated. I firmly believe in the power of teamwork and efficiency, and they’re always on top of my priority list.

Beyond the professional realm, I’m truly passionate about traveling and exploring new places. There’s something magical about experiencing different cultures and landscapes. When I have some free time, I enjoy playing sports to keep my energy up, and other times, I simply unwind by watching a good movie or diving into the captivating world of video games.

Yordan Todorov
Yordan Todorov
DevOps and Cloud Engeneering
Reading time: 4 mins.
In this blog, we will discuss possible ways to connect to an Amazon RDS database instance, placed in a private subnet in the AWS cloud, from an external VPC without...
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