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Techweek Frankfurt

This year, the ITGix team visited the TechWeek in Frankfurt, Germany. We have had two fantastic days at the Messe Frankfurt! Together with all the exhibitors and sponsors, TechWeek became a platform, where IT decision-makers of all industries not only make contacts and get to know providers but also expand their knowledge and take action approaches for the digital transformation of their companies. 

We are very fortunate to have been able to participate in one of the biggest exhibitions in Europe for our invariably unique industry. We met decision-makers and technical team leaders of the leading IT companies, discussed numerous technical projects and innovations, and applied our knowledge and skills in interactive programs. We have witnessed so many inspiring and interesting lectures and panel discussions. We have also listened and actively participated in the speakers’ lectures and have acquired new knowledge that we will apply in the future: offering our current and future clients the latest methods, tools, and know-how for their projects is a big must for ITGix. Our team participated in many intriguing discussions due to the high level of technology innovation we apply to our services and our solid experience.

Who is ITGix?

ITGix is a DevOps and SysOps Services provider, focused on Automation, Cloud Migration, and Managed Services. We are specialized in Containerization, Monitoring, and building CI/CD pipelines- Continuous Integration and Deployment for our customers. We dispose of 3000 Containers in support and 10 K8s systems built-in Google Cloud, AWS, and on-prem. We provide a high level of proactive support by greatly improving the infrastructure stability and reliability, and implementing solutions such as high availability, monitoring, and security.

See you next year, TechWeek!

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