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This year оur team attended the Fintech and InsureTech Summit in Sofia to further understand the challenges that our clients from the Fintech industry are facing, keeping up with all of the trends in the digital area. It is of utmost importance for us to understand the needs and desires of our clients, to be able to help them at every step of the way towards the transformation of their business. Optimizing and automating the processes in order to make their business even more efficient and stay competitive in the market is what we take care of and not for our clients to worry about.

It was a pleasure having the chance to discuss and propose solutions for the needs of the Fintech companies:
Optimization by automating their current processes (which do consume a lot of time done manually on a daily basis);

Simplifying the workflows aiming to deliver a better quality of services (both for the employees and customers);

Knowing all the regulations and obtaining a high level of security compliance (the highest priority for the Fintech companies)
making efficiency a priority.

How can ITGix DevOps services contribute to your business and make it more efficient even if your business disposes of with an internal IT support team/s?

Driven by digital innovation, the financial technology revolution-commonly known as FinTech – is truly underway. As the traditional banking system faces disruption from agile startups entering the market, having the ability to develop quickly new features is critical.
DevOps makes that level of speed and adaptability possible, and the rapid uptake of the methodology across many industries is a testament to how effective it can be. For FinTech organizations that must move quickly to keep pace with the competition, DevOps offers favorable benefits. The financial services sector was the second-most represented industry among those utilizing the methodology.

Unlocking the benefits of DevOps requires commitment across the organization, involving all stakeholders in the business.
Effective guidance from management can help FinTech companies establish the values and processes necessary for development to thrive. However, in the highly regulated market of financial services, having key personnel overseeing development can be an immense benefit, further bridging the divide between development and operations.

Why choose ITGix?

We strive to better know the challenges of our customers and to always be flexible and reliable. By analyzing your current environment we can propose a suitable architecture, transformation, and migration approach by utilizing best-fit and sometimes out-of-the-box services. Database as a service, load balancing, object store, and queuing are just a few examples given of how to ensure you get the most out of your experience, lowering maintenance effort on both infrastructure support and software development, utilizing the available services instead of having developers writing your own. Doing this transformation will help you really benefit from all the advantages.
We are ready to respond to all your needs: we take our time to know our customers, build special relations with the teams and we aim to always help the most: delivering the best quality proactive support, 24/7!

Ready to scale your business today?

We always put you first: your goals are our goals, your challenges are our challenges. The core focus is always on your business!

Let us assist you with the implementation of innovative strategy adoption and achieving ultimate and cost-efficient solutions for your Fintech business.

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