ITGIX wishes YOU Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Last Updated: 18.12.2023

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Dear Partners and Colleagues,

With 2020 coming to an end, a blissful season of Christmas and New Year begins. It is the most wonderful time of the year, filled with joy, appreciation, and gratitude. As we are heading into the holiday season, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and those who have helped to develop our business, we give thanks to our partners for the cooperation and support throughout the year.

We hope this year was prosperous for you, which brought plenty of interesting projects, new skills, and knowledge, and all goals were achieved.

We would like to share with you our Top milestones achieved in 2020. Despite the obstacles that this year presented to us, we want to share with you that our team at ITGix has achieved many things for the business development of our partners.

We have founded the first marketing department to support and facilitate with quality materials and resources the development of our partners and employees, with accessible and detailed information on each and every pain point that could bother or hinder our readers and provide valuable knowledge and convenient ways to connect with ITGix.

From all of us in the marketing department, we want to express our greatest enthusiasm for the launching of a brand new company website in 2021 that we worked so hard to deliver. Our constant thrive for improvement assures us that we provide the best available services and that they are always accessible for those, who rely on quality and continuous DevOps solutions for their business.

We may also share that our team in 2020 has grown by an impressive 25% and we can’t express our excitement enough to share with you the new members of our ITGix family, who are more than just exceptional professionals and seasoned engineers, but motivated and fully committed to ITGix’s main goal: to help grow our partners’ businesses.

Our Project Management Team was also founded in 2020 and we are beyond grateful to have dedicated professionals responding and fixing each and every problem that may occur. Our just-founded Project Management Team will guide and ensure the success of each project that starts with us. This is just another way of assuring our partners that the best practices are followed perfectly, every project and environment will be released on time and maximum security and automation will be delivered on the highest quality.

Throughout all projects in 2020, we have further extended technical portfolios: we acquired a long list of new high-tech and super-modern technologies put up for use and became proficient and highly skilled in each and every one of them. We make sure we always bring the most innovative solutions by using the most reliable and recent technologies for our clients.

ITGix also became a part of the AWS Partner Network (APN) and a trusted partner towards the best digital transformation journey in 2020. As a part of APN, our AWS team from ITGix is focused on our customers’ success and is happy to help them take full advantage of all the business benefits that AWS offers. With our deep expertise in AWS, we are uniquely positioned to help our customers at any stage of their cloud adoption journey and help them achieve their business objectives. We provide services and solutions that can help support virtually any AWS use case, including those with highly specific security requirements. We provide services to enable and support our customers across the full customer lifecycle.

The team at ITGix sends warm greetings for the holidays and the upcoming year. Christmas comes once a year, may it be blessed with warmth and love of friends and family togetherness. We hope that 2021 holds success and prosperity. We are grateful to you and we wish to have many more milestones with you in 2021.

From all of us at ITGix we say to you ‘Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!’

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