DevOps Remote Work from the beach and how we enjoyed it?

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Last Updated: 10.01.2024

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How to keep up with your DevOps workload while enjoying the sea view and work/vacation balance tips & tricks | ITGix Beach Office 2021 Recap

Beach Office experience: DevOps Remote work

ITGix has organized and fully covered Remote DevOps work from the Bulgarian seaside for our employees. This was an opportunity to work from a beach workspace with a sea breeze and the sound of waves hitting the shore. Therefore ITGix team enjoyed the change of environment and works with summertime-inspired energy levels. 

Waking up to a warm sunrise at the beautiful Bulgarian seaside is the perfect start for any day, let alone your workday. The beach hub offered an internet connection, a perfect sea view, and quality coffee for our usual work mood. But is there something usual in testing and deploying in your swimsuit? I wouldn’t say so- and that’s the exciting part.

What did we enjoy most?

First of all, we can all agree that we had the very best Zoom background in every single meeting – that’s something one can’t beat. The beach background, sun rays, and fig trees reflected on our laptop screens.

Beach life also treated us nicely-the ending of every meeting meant we enjoy a walk on the beach and a swim in the sea. Moreover, our workday ended with a beautiful sunset and happy hour with beers and cocktails for everyone to enjoy.

How to keep up with your DevOps workload while enjoying the sea view | Work-vacation balance  

Our change of environment showed improved creativity and collaboration between our team and increased engagement in the work process. Moreover, having the ability to diversify our work schedule with frequent walks on the beach and swims made us enjoy the work process even more.

Some of our tips and tricks to best align our busy work schedule with the much-needed sunny relaxing moments are:

Be your own evaluator

Keep focused and motivated during remote work
Our Business Development Manager identifying and achieving key strategy and performance goals @ITGix Beach Office 2021

One of the best ways to keep focused and motivated is by assessing your performance. Don’t wait for the appraisal – do it yourself. The best way to do this is to identify goals and set a timeline for achieving them. Create a detailed plan to achieve these goals. You can review your own performance report to evaluate how you’ve progressed. 

Communicate and Collaborate with your teammates 

Communication is the key to success for DevOps remote work
ITGix AWS team collaborating and solving a complex DevOps cloud infrastructure problem together @ ITGix Beach Office 2021

Communication and active collaboration are key to the team’s success. Firstly, decisions are made faster and more effectively by communicating. Secondly, your team completes all projects in a timely manner, which ensures greater customer satisfaction. And thirdly, the team makes sure that the work process goes smoothly and is aligned with the company’s long-term goals and mission. 

Enjoy the moment and have fun!

Having fun in the process is also key to your productivity and performance. It ensures you stay creative and energized, reduces your stress levels, and brings optimism and eagerness for improvement into the mix. All of the beach walks and shared sunny moments were for sure a source of happiness and fun. Overall excitement contributes to your work and personal well-being. 

@ ITGix Beach Office 2021

If you want to join a team like ours and share the excitement of our next journey – we have open positions waiting for you! Apply here and let’s chat!

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