Iva Todorova

Introducing Iva Todorova, a dynamic DevOps & Cloud Engineer with a passion for continuous learning and a commitment to staying ahead of the technological curve. For Iva, the world of technology is not just a professional endeavor but a fascinating journey to understand and navigate the complexities of the digital landscape before they become commonplace.

In her role as a DevOps & Cloud Engineer, Iva thrives in the dynamic environment at ITGix, where each project is an opportunity to deepen her expertise in cutting-edge technologies. Her multifaceted goal encompasses not only mastering tools like Terraform, Azure, and Kubernetes but also actively seeking out new challenges that broaden her skill set.

Beyond her technical prowess, Iva brings a holistic approach to her profession. She envisions technology as a collaborative space where knowledge should be shared generously. Iva’s willingness to share her expertise is not confined to the workplace; she extends her support to the broader tech community, fostering an environment of collective growth.

Specializing in Terraform, Azure, and Kubernetes, Iva is a go-to resource for anyone seeking insights into these technologies. Her approach goes beyond just providing solutions; she’s eager to guide and mentor others in their journey to understanding and implementing these tools effectively.

In addition to her tech-savvy side, Iva brings a well-rounded personality to the table. Her interests include hiking, music, and movies, showcasing a diverse range of passions that contribute to her multifaceted approach to life and work. In Iva’s world, professional growth and personal interests intertwine seamlessly, creating a vibrant and enriching experience.

In the ever-evolving field of DevOps and Cloud engineering, Iva is not just an observer; she’s an active participant, ready to explore, learn, and share her knowledge. Whether conquering the latest challenges in technology or enjoying the outdoors on a hiking trail, Iva Todorova embodies the spirit of a modern DevOps professional—dynamic, versatile, and always ready for the next adventure.

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Iva Todorova
DevOps & Cloud Engineer
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