Alexander Alexiev

I’m Alexander and I’m a Senior DevOps & Cloud Engineer and also DevOps Team Lead at ITGix. I’ve been working as a DevOps for 7 years now and when I work on a problem that isn’t on the first Google search page, I try to share the solution with the community.

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Introduction to Jenkins in Kubernetes There comes a time in every DevOps adventurer’s life, when they have to face the good ol’ Jenkins, in all of its glory. With all...
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What is Icinga2? The Icinga2 configuration options are rich and provide you with a lot of ways to reuse what you already have. They serve well, but once your monitoring...
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What is Icinga2? Icinga2 is a great tool built upon the foundation of the well-known Nagios monitoring, inheritingall the pros it has to offer. With many plugins available in your repository and thousands...
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