Client value Creation

We get to know our clients and build close relationships with them. For us, the most important thing is to contribute to the overall mission of our clients: we strive to create meaning and vision of their business goals and to help them get there. At ITGix we guarantee services and price models that optimally support the client processes. Our focus is on clients and on the value we create for them.

Partner Satisfaction

One of our top priorities is the satisfaction of our clients and partners. Having regular sharing sessions, review boards and weekly catch-up meetings let us know the way our clients feel about our services and our overall cooperation. We value their opinion and constantly want to improve, hear every thought for the personal touch, and relay any praises or constructive feedback to our employees as we always value their personal contribution and professional self-improvement.

Involvement. Commitment. Quality

We want to be a part of your journey and help you get through every challenge, no matter the circumstances, and create the IT infrastructure that will best serve your business and meet your requests and expectations. We’re committed to perfection so do not expect any less from us. We focus on IT so you can focus on what matters and that is how our partnership flourishes and creates real value for your business.

Employees. Talent

Attracting, developing, and retaining the best talent for our business, challenging our people, demonstrating a “can-do” attitude, and fostering a collaborative and supportive environment is a must for ITGix. We recognize that the skill, dedication, and enthusiasm of our team are crucial to our success and the success of our customers. We make sure our specialists develop continuously and always aim to improve our combined skill-set.

Integrity. Trust

We highly value transparency and fairness in the working process. This type of openness creates trust and leads to a successful and productive collaboration. Transparency, trust, and loyalty are an ongoing process that has ongoing results.

Respect for the individual. Diversity

In ITGix we embrace diversity with openness, honesty, and mutual respect and we maintain a safe and healthy work environment. ITGix believes that diversity in the workplace is about attracting, retaining, and building an inclusive workforce to enable an organization and its employees to work effectively and in harmony.


With advancements in IT services and technologies, it is hard to constantly keep up with the latest trends. Nowadays digitalization, and moreover innovation, as what would make you competitive in the market, is a necessity. Companies who bring innovative ideas to the market space by creating products or services achieve sustained high growth in both revenues and profits.


The IT environment is the dynamics of today’s market. It is vital to keep track of the performance and resources by checking health and having full control over IT trends and security in order to prevent issues before they occur. That doesn’t require magic, but deep know-how, years-long experience, and dedication in the process.

Company Culture

Our company’s culture shows the personality of our workspace. It refers to how we interact, collaborate, and get along within the workplace. 
We can describe ourselves as:

Connected. Engaged. Collaborative

ITGix is where every employee feels accepted, valued, and has a sense of belonging. We share ideas quickly and work together easily. We share common goals and engage ourselves in our contribution to the ultimate purpose. The best ideas are born from great collaborations. We celebrate collaboration, with a strong emphasis on working together to achieve success.

Motivating. Nurturing

At ITGix, we feel in the right place to be and become more energized and motivated to achieve business and performance goals. ITGix nurtures employees to be willing to work with each individual to set professional development goals and help them grow within the organization.

Progressive. Innovative

ITGix is constantly growing, innovating, and trying new things, as that can be seen by everyone around us. We see ourselves working in a high-growth startup with an inspiring progressive work environment. Innovation helps ITGix grow and thrive. ITGix is nimble and adaptable, with a constant willingness to course-correct and rethink strategies, processes, and approaches.

Trusting. Respectful

Trust is a vital component when it comes to building a healthy and nurturing workplace, strong teams, and forceful company culture. It’s also a two-way street. In a trusting and respectful workplace, we are encouraged to express opinions and ideas with no holdbacks.