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Nowadays it is vital to have prompt, frequent deployments with zero outages for an early business value understanding. While handling legacy systems has always been challenging, varied innovative solutions have now started upending established business models. DevOps enables businesses to be more agile with greater speed and inventiveness. Making DevOps a fundamental part of your software delivery lifecycle is not just a sharp-witted strategy, but a necessity.

ITGix DevOps Services

Benefits of incorporating security as a significant component of DevOps practices:

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Rapid delivery
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Stable operating systems
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Improved Security
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Better collaboration
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Time creation and innovation
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Minimized maintenance costs
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Scalability within instants
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Establish world-class agility, scalability and security for your business with DevOps methodology

DevOps methodology grows a business’s ability to deliver applications and services at the highest velocity. This speed enables all types of enterprises to better serve their customers and compete effectively in the market.

DevOps is based on its core theme: to build an agile and scalable system, which incorporates both operational and development engineers in all stages of product creation. To integrate this DevOps theme into your workflow, you use certain practices — CI/CD Pipeline, Microservices Containerization, Security Testing Pipelines.

DevOps Services — CI/CD Pipeline, Microservices Containerization, Security Testing Pipelines.

CI/CD pipelines

Implementation of CI/CD provides neat automation, reduces human intervention and allows your team to concentrate on creation, by minimizing the time and effort needed for any kind of manual operational work. It results in quicker development cycles and more frequent and more secure releases.

Security Testing Pipelines

Pipelines give really good momentum when it comes to shortening build and deploy cycles. Often the code can include significant security holes and issues. Part of the security testing methodologies we use are DAST (Dynamic Analysis) and SAST (Static Analysis). This adds a significant protection layer before each release is introduced to the public.

Microservices Containerization

Microservice architecture suggests that the application is divided into small parts, built around elementary functions. They can even be written in different programming languages, use different frameworks, or operate under different operating systems. Containers allow for developers to work with identical development environments and stacks having simplified and speeded up the process of deployment and configuration.

Our Expertise with DevOps methodology

With our experience and a portfolio of cutting-edge technologies, we help our clients to quickly and cost-effectively choose and adopt the ultimate solutions to best serve their customer base and business growth. 

We are experts in DevOps consulting in the fields of cloud security and performance, cost optimization, application monitoring, remote working, DevOps engineering, and more. We provide end-to-end solutions of any complexity.