Our Vision

ITGix in a nutshell

What keeps us going forward is our constant desire for improvement and innovation, deep know-how and strong abilities, continuous commitment, dedication, and professionalism, that we bring with us in every project for each one of our clients. 

As individuals and as a team, we value honesty and collaboration above all, and we exist to drive business value. We establish healthy, cooperative work relationships and methods which are based on honesty and ethics.

ITGix - Our Vision

Our Vision

Focus on what you do best, and outsource the rest to ITGix

 We are on a mission to unleash the full potential of the pool of technologies by providing world-class outsourcing services.


Our personal team is your trusted partner

We are proud of the growth and success of our partners. Helping your business move forward is our ultimate goal. We are driven by your success and are passionate about the supreme technological solutions.


IT, that serves your purpose

 Our main incentive is to present IT as the catalyst for each successful business. We believe that the secret of progress lies in your business ideas and in the cooperation for their realization, catalyzed by an ultimate technological solution. Our goal is to bring the best IT into every business.
ITGix Our Vision

Our Mission

Connecting business and IT

Our mission is to deliver business-driven DevOps, create high-performance IT-structures and bring optimized and consistent digitalization. We understand that your business needs agility and operational efficiency, so we assist with that by offloading you from having to deal with IT infrastructure problems. We provide compelling technology solutions for the ongoing management, support and maintenance of your entire infrastructure. ITGix helps you make technology manageable and cost-effective.

Crafting your business to success

Our aim is to work as enablers and let you be a leader in your industry! We are happy to understand your goals as well as your drawbacks, so we can be a part of your journey. Whether you're launching a new product or service, or expanding an existing business, we're here to help you design, build, and manage robust, scalable technology solutions that empower your team to innovate and excel. Work with us and have a full team of highly skilled certified engineers and sophisticated tools to help you manage risks, reduce costs, and make your business more efficient and productive.

Working hard to establish enduring partnerships and proven expertise

At ITGix, we take our time to understand your needs, long-term goals, and vision. We get to know your team and understand your business. Through this, we build long-lasting and effective relations. As a seamless extension of your DevOps team, you will get exceptional talent, the highest level of service at reasonable prices, and custom-tailored tech solutions that meet your business objectives.

We achieve our mission by consistent devotion to Our Principles

We would like to share our principles with you as we believe that they are the heart of our business.

Moreover, the way we see our partners and employees is something that we would like to bind with our ETHICs.

for Employees as we know for sure that they are our most valuable asset.

Because we know that happy people working in a favourable environment are responsible for great achievements and results. We recognize and utilize the collective knowledge potential.

for Trust and Loyalty as this is what we always aim to build with our partners!

For us Loyalty is referenced with the quality of service that we provide and as consequence we build Trust with our partners.

for Honesty and Integrity.

Honest business relations are the core of every successful partnership.

for Innovation as this is the main driver of Business Progress.

We value innovation in our culture and we know how to perfectly balance between stability and edge technologies.

for Clients this is our main focus and dearest partners!

ITGix knows that clients are the main focus and all the aspects of culture are based on it. Part of our understanding is accepting all customers as partners in one virtual team.


Thanks to ITGix’s work, the client achieved a faster time-to-market and a higher deployment frequency, ultimately delivering an enhanced, stable, and reliable system. The client also achieved cost savings and an improved customer satisfaction. ITGix was communicative and collaborative.

Paul Nyzuk

CTO, Sport Ventures Holdings Inc.

CTO, Sport Ventures Holdings Inc.

ITGix has been an outstanding DevOps partner for 2 years, excelling in architecture guidance and seamless collaboration with our dev team. Their 24/7 support is unparalleled, swiftly resolving issues. ITGix also demonstrates impressive employee management, fostering seamless integration of their staff within our organization. Their expertise and commitment make ITGix a top choice for organizations seeking innovative and reliable DevOps solutions.

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer, Taylor & Hart

Chief Technology Officer, Taylor & Hart

At Docomo Digital we have been working on a day-to-day basis with the wonderful people at ITGix for many years now. Ever since, the relationship has been one of fairness, openness, a mutual respect and – I may say – even comradery. We value very much their professionalism, responsiveness and especially their active collaboration.

We are looking forward to continuing this great relationship with ITGix in the years to come.

Docomo Digital

Head of Software Development, DOCOMO Digital Germany GmbH

Head of Software Development, DOCOMO Digital Germany GmbH

Our product, Stremio, is an entertainment video aggregation app – it faces many infrastructural challenges, related to processing big amounts of data. ITGix helped us greatly with solving those challenges. Hiring ITGix freed our development team from infrastructural tasks, allowing them to work on taking the product to the next level. ITGix also allowed us to grow our user base without worrying about whether our systems would be able to take the load.


CEO, Strem.io

CEO, Strem.io

myTab.co has hired ITGIX server support team for our online travel gift card. They not only produced the results within the time factor we agreed, but also offered additional suggestions on scaling, architecture and OS upgrades. We found their team to be exceptional in communication, expertise and long term advice.

I would absolutely hire them again and highly recommend them.



Founder/CEO, myTab.co

Extremely knowledgeable in AWS technology. The team I am working with is very honest and realistic in their project estimations. They have proven to be very responsive in monitored alerts and are quick at solving problems. Collaboration and transparency on project hurdles\solutions has also been a very positive experience and am never left feeling that a decision was made based on personal bias but what is best for our business. I have worked with multiple outsourcing groups and would rank ITGix at the top of my list!

Engaged Nation

Engaged Nation

Chief Software Architect, Engaged Nation

For the past 4 years, Bata have had the pleasure of having ITGix as our main support partner.  ITGix consultants have provided high level proactive support for many of our often diverse systems, always with a high level of knowledge, expertise and organisation.  They have greatly improved our infrastructure stability and reliability, implementing solutions such as high availability, monitoring, security and many more. 

We enjoy working with them as they are very responsive and understand our needs.  We have a high level of trust in their abilities and know that our environment is safe with their support.



Head of development, Bata

We have been relying on ITGix as our trusted DevOps partner for many years and they deliver excellent results. Our AWS environment is complex, encompassing numerous products and services, and it also entails a lot of autoscaling of resources to handle highly variable loads involving millions of users every day. They have worked to develop a cost-effective network infrastructure environment for our users. ITGix has also been instrumental in deploying infrastructure as a service through automation technologies such as Terraform, to eliminate most of the manual DevOps management and deployment that characterized our environment previously. Their staff are knowledgeable and easy to work with and we highly recommend their services.



Vice President & General Manager, Securly