Optimization, Monitoring and Availability

The Quality of service is only as good as the infrastructure under the service is well delivered. Many IT departments spend time responding to unexpected issues, having not enough time and resources to prevent them. Monitoring the entire IT environment is a business critical task that ensures optimal performance and business continuity.

Monitoring is crucial because problems are not always immediately evident, but tend to build up over time. The role of IT as a major driver of operational efficiency and innovation, requires network administrators to implement a very responsive monitoring system that monitors all activities. There are numerous key reasons why having total visibility over the IT infrastructure is quite important for business.

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Full control over IT resources

The IT environment is the dynamics of modern businesses. Keeping track of the performance and resources means having first-hand knowledge of the health and full control over IT resource usage trends, capacities, and malicious activities to prevent issues before they occur.

Informed Decision Making

IT monitoring is a lot more than just keeping track of infrastructure activity; it is a vital part of creating an overall enterprise IT strategy. CXOs are expected to demonstrate that they are in control of the IT environment, having access to critical data for decision making purposes. Efficient monitoring comes with effective reporting to ensure that all key performance indicators (KPIs) are met.

Increased productivity and enhanced service availability

When performance is improved, productivity is increased. Vulnerable areas need special attention to anticipate potential problems and provide preventive solutions.

Service disruption due to downtime is a bane to end-users. Routinely checking usage patterns can help IT administrators create equitable workload distribution to ensure continuous service availability.

Real time problem detecting before any disaster occurs

When unpredictable disasters are caused they are often unpreventable. The only way of being sure outages will be prevented is by a robust and high-available monitoring system.

Cost-effectiveness and increased profits

Saving on costs and increasing profits are legitimate business goals. Proactive monitoring of infrastructure helps prevent financial losses arising from undetected failure of systems due to poor monitoring.

We create your business to sucess

Monitoring is one of the key components for performance, sustainability and availability of each environment. Monitoring is a key part of ITGix toolset to guarantee proactively identification and resolution of issues and prevent infrastructure downtime. Once the application is deployed to production, it must be continuously monitored in real time to catch early signs of quality issues, so that we can take preventive measures to minimize or avoid production issues.

The monitoring infrastructure should be configured to check various aspects of quality and performance of the enterprise application and infrastructure.

In order to ensure easy Integration and Automation, we have developed an internally Central Monitoring System with automated self-healing actions to improve the resolution time and resolve time in the most critical moments. Monitoring Lifecycle System is integrated with our Service Delivery Tool to comply with our standards for ITIL based delivery for critical environments. That gives us a great visibility of the entire scope of monitored services as well as quick reporting of SLA.

In addition we provide visualization tools where you can connect the dots to the big picture. This way we keep all performance metrics of your environment in one place.

Our alerting systems notifies the 24/7 Support during critical impactand can be integrated with external systems like Slack, PagerDuty and other chats and collaboration tools.

Custom Monitoring and Observability

We offer to build you end to end monitoring, observability strategy and implementation. Our consultants can identify the weak spots and important components of your environment and set up proper technology to proactively alert on trends and thresholds. Our offering contains the following packages:

Monitoring Type Description Target


Covers all server components

Cloud, On prem

Application and Performance

Applications insights


Business Transaction

Tracing transactions end to end

End to End solutions

If you find any of our services useful to implement to your business or you demand consultancy regarding optimization of your IT infrastructure please contact us and we will send you tailored for your services offer.

Monitoring and Alerting as a Service Packages

You can also benefit from our Monitoring as a Service Solution and don't bother about the Support and Maintenance of your monitoring solution. We will take care of the Integration and Configuration which is included in our basic package.

  • Metrics Included
  • Suitable for
    Small dev environments
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  • Metrics Included
    Between 200 and 500
  • Suitable for
    Medium environments
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  • Metrics Included
    Above 500
  • Suitable for
    Large production environments
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Custom Log aggregation and Analytics

Application Logs are sometimes underestimated and left hidden in servers directorie. They are an important component of the observability stack. In ITGix we intend to show you how critical data Application Logs represent. In our projects we use the most popular solutions and develop various dashboards to give a different experience of log analytics. Our practices include integration with performance management tools for full visibility of application health.

Integration with ITGix Monitoring System is highly-available. We hook alerts with our Centralized Monitoring System and identify critical issues which will give you visibility through our Service Management Tool.

In our portfolio we have various setups utilizing Container Management Systems, On-prem servers and Custom Dashboarding.

Load and Performance Testing Services

In ITGix we believe that if you know your imperfections and look up to them regularly you’ll be able to predict the storms and be prepared for them!

In your QA process probably you already have experienced the need for a good automated functional or performance test. Our company offers you to take advantage and improve, customize and distribute it. We offer you end-to-end Automation of Performance, Load tests and Integration with the latest Monitoring tools and Automated Result Reporting.

In our portfolio we have successful projects with Jmeter and Selenium tools which are vastly known and time-tested standards in testing. We have delivered outstanding value in automating the test improve visibility and showing the value of continuous testing (link to jmeter blog)

If you need help with automation and testing of your environment please contact us for a professional consultancy session.