Inspect the stability and scalability of your IT infrastructure stability and reliability and evaluate its ability to support exceptional volumes

Performance Reassurance​

You have probably experienced the need for a good automated functional or performance test in your QA process. If you ever wondered if your system will work properly under a certain workload, if there would be enough resources for it to perform well, or if it would be stable and scalable, then we are ready to break it down to you.

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ITGix seasoned engineers will convey relevant types of Performance testing to make sure your software is secure, stable, and scalable.

Load Testing

We examine the performance of your infrastructure under a set of expected load usage which helps us identify how many connections your system can support and its response time. We determine existing bottlenecks and what is causing them.

Stress Testing

We determine the maximum operating capacity your system can support in terms of extreme load and find out how it would react. Then we test its performance if the load goes above the expected maximum. By identifying potential bottlenecks we are able to predict outages.

Scalability Testing

We conduct scalability tests to determine the ability of your infrastructure to scale dynamically as more load is submitted. We identify the maximum load your system can support while scaled properly and why. This type of test is used to implement an effective growth plan and investments required.

Stability Testing

We examine the stability of your IT infrastructure at an extended time of operating. This helps us estimate the risk of downtime and suggest accurate monitoring solutions. This type of testing analyses solutions to make your system running optimally with no outages.

ITGix Load and Performance Testing Services

We offer you end-to-end Automation of Performance, Load tests, and Integration with the latest Monitoring tools and Automated Result Reporting.

In our portfolio, we have successful projects with Jmeter and Selenium tools which are vastly known and time-tested standards in testing. Our seasoned engineers improve the system visibility, and showcase the outstanding value of continuous testing.

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