Microservices Containerization

Evolutionary simplicity and flexibility to overachieve your business goals

Do you want to enable your software development teams to act quickly, deploy software profitably, and operate at an exceptional scale?

Want to let your operational team focus on agility and innovation while ensuring that the applications are released with no interruption for the end-users?

You want to provide software deployment cycles at maximum speed, encourage innovation, accomplish maintainability, and scalability of software applications in the most secure way?

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Microservices Application Containerization

Microservices, or microservice architecture, is a structural model that shapes an application as a group of services that are

Microservices Containers

Microservices help you effectively build security-rich, scalable applications for unbeatable business functionality through operational efficiency. Microservices offer a unique kind of modularization. Microservice Architecture is great for distributed teams as it makes big solutions easier, enhances productivity, and presents flexibility in choosing technologies. But how to deploy microservices with scale without containerization? 

Container-based architecture enables businesses to accelerate software development and app-driven innovation while increasing application efficiency and portability. Let our certified experts give the agility of your microservices in cloud utilizing best practices of containerization, deployment and monitoring. Mitigate the risks, change radically the customer experience, and meet competition wherever it raises with the help of ITGix seasoned DevOps team.

Microservice architecture guarantees secure, frequent and fast delivery of complex applications and aims your business to evolve its technology stack. Microservice architecture guarantees a high speed of product releases, assures scalability and modularity, organizes small teams for work on different parts of the software. Containers are light software entities that run in isolated user environments. Containerization means speed—containers are smaller entities than virtual machines so they can be deployed faster. Containerization means responsiveness—start-up times are shorter. It means flexibility and security —containers are portable between different platforms and different cloud vendors.

Our Microservices Application Containerization expertise

ITGix provides automated microservices container orchestration. Benefit from the complete assessment of your enterprise IT systems to develop a strategic roadmap for the smooth adoption of microservices. We may consult you over the best practices for overall deployment, monitoring and observability, security migration from monolith applications. We understand the main challenges for cloud deployments including infrastructure specific, clustering reliability and performance.  ITGix is expert in DevOps and microservices containerization of application workloads to help companies obtain a dynamically scalable highly-available infrastructure that also optimizes costs.

Microservices Containerization

  • Current infrastructure audit, gap analysis and elimination plan of bottlenecks
  • Tech stack selection
  • Containerization of application workloads (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Maintenance and continuous optimization

Microservices Container Orchestration and Management

  • Container Management Services in Private Cloud (Kubernetes)
  • Container Management Services in Public Cloud (EKS, K8S, AKS, GKE)
  • Container Monitoring and Scaling management

Audit, Consulting and Optimization

  • Infrastructure health audit
  • Pipeline consulting and development
  • Optimization of pipelines and container setups


Considering the market demands, choosing the right partner stands out to be very critical for every industry. No worries. ITGix holds rich expertise in containerization consulting.

Our successful approach to containerization is made up of a list of containerization tools we use, which include Docker, HELM, Kubernetes, Amazon ECS, Amazon ECR, Amazon EKS, Amazon Fargate.

List not exhaustive! We adapt to our client-specific business and technology requirements and use the best-fit tools for their demands.

If you dispose of limited technology resources, working with the right trusted partner will mean your business can benefit from containerization quickly and effectively.

Seek for a partner providing automated container orchestration. Containers may look complicated, but an outsourcing partner can make it easy to take advantage of the benefits. Rather than dedicating time to allocate resources, your technology partner makes sure that your services are scaled up or down automatically.

Containers are a lighter, more agile way of handling virtualization. They don’t spin up an entire virtual machine. Instead they just run a small piece of software. 

Containerization helps with the challenges that may occur to allow companies to grow and support an efficient organization.

Application Containerization is one of the latest trends in cloud computing. Containers aim to improve application life-cycle management through capabilities such as CI/CD. Also, certain implementations of containers follow the concepts of open source and some businesses prefer not being tied to a specific vendor.

Containerization operates also with distributed applications and microservices, as each container operates independently. The containerization setup is able to scale up microservices to meet rising demand and disperse the load. This encourages flexibility.