Infrastructure as Code

Automate repeatable tasks like Infrastructure provisioning, configuration, and deployments

Infrastructure as Code eases your Software Development Lifecycle

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is the management of the operations environment in a descriptive manner, using the same versioning as the DevOps team uses for source code for general release, rather than manually making configuration changes or infrastructure adjustments. IaC is an essential DevOps practice, the key to expedite the software delivery lifecycle in today’s competitive market.

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Infrastructure as Code is decisive for doing the software development process forthright

The nature of businesses requires their infrastructure to be constantly spun up, torn down, and scaled in response to user demands. It is vital for an organization to automate its infrastructure in order to control costs, reduce risks, avoid inconsistency among IT environments, and respond with speed to new business opportunities.

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Proactive automation with proven best practices. ITGix provides end-to-end solutions of any complexity. 

With more than 7 years of experience in accelerating businesses, our certified engineers can help you achieve your goals: performance optimization, ROI boost, and cost reduction.

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