DevOps and Cloud

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DevOps and Cloud

At ITGix we know what costs the extra mile from traditional IT to a single button approach and how to speed up the release to production process. We strive to help companies take that step and we are proud to say that we know how to do it with zero impact. In our core expertise are technologies like Ansible, Puppet, Docker, Kubernetes and Openstack.

As a business with dynamic and unpredictable computing needs you need direct control over your environments. We can help you orchestrate container workloads at scale with Kubernetes. We keep up with Kubernetes project daily so you can be sure that the technologies we are using are contemporaneous.

Kubernetes & Docker

We give you the chance to transfer all of your worries of this complexity and edge cases that can occur during adoption of the software to us. We will focus on all key parts of Kubernetes deployment, monitoring and support and will take it over so you can focus on your business. Our specialists have proven expertise in both Kubernetes and Docker backed up by solid experience. The experience that we have in-house will help you adopt the change and be successful. Monitoring is a key part of making sure your customers or employees get the ultimate service with high performance and zero downtime. Our proven monitoring solutions for Kubernetes based on Prometheus and Icinga ensure services are running within their optimal parameters.

You can see more about what we offer in our Kubernetes & Docker DevOps Service Offer: brochure

We can raise Kubernetes cloud-based deployments where we integrate with Amazon Web Services to achieve full automation for load balancing microservices with Ingress and ELB (Elastic load-balancer).

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services workloads offers lots of flexibility for your applications. On demand scaling, consistent deployments with zero downtime is something that our company offers. We have great success stories with our partners with immutable environments we built and support over the time. We know that with great power comes the responsibility of keeping everything secure. That's why our engineers worked hard to create our specialized framework. Our scenarios include isolation of resources, identification of proper granular control and adjust  Identity and Access Management roles to support Role-based Access Control for your organization.


If you want your data securely at your premises we can offer you to build your private cloud. You can count on us to do it using some of the best technologies. We work with OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure to provide the necessary control over your virtual machines, secure your network by segmenting it with Software Defined Networking (SDN) and ensure high performance storage using Ceph Software Defined Storage (SDS). The private cloud can host your Kubernetes cluster to give you the flexibility of using containers at your own data center.

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