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Mitigate security risks without limiting innovation with Private Cloud

Businesses seeking a fast and reliable digital transformation approach IT as an enabler. Cloud computing serves as a software-defined base that forms a unique business strategy and delivers maximum value.

A private cloud is a cloud computing model that provides an environment dedicated to a single business. Organizations prefer to use a private cloud, especially if they have extremely high-security standards. Using a private cloud gives more control over the cloud security measures that are put in place.

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The main benefits of using a private cloud are:

ITGix - How we work
Control & Stability
ITGix - How we work
ITGix - How we work
ITGix - How we work
Security & Compliance

ITGix Private Cloud Services assure a fully managed, secure, scalable, and agile Private Cloud Platform capable of managing even the heaviest workloads. Our Private Cloud expertise helps you create business agility through a scalable and responsive digital infrastructure that reduces complexity without compromising security. We help you make sure that legacy applications easily co-exist with new applications and unlock operational cost savings of up to 30%.

Our Private Cloud Solutions:

Explore ITGix Private Cloud Services:

Technical Support

Assistance and unlimited support from ITGix Certified Cloud Experts.

Live Monitoring 24X7X365

Monitoring and escalations alerting with live Dashboards provided.

DevOps Automation

Infrastructure as code, governance and compliance, microservices management, code integration & deployment automation provided.

Security Management

Monitoring & incident management, access management, identify vulnerabilities, and design secure architecture.

Log management

Centralized log management, application, and policy-based log retention and archival, network log manager.

Backup Management

Incident Management, Disaster Recovery, instant recoveries, backup life-cycle management.

Audit and Compliance

Auditing, preservation & execution, security automation, standards and best practices.

Reports & Reviews

Usage & billing reports, performance & security audits, cost optimization strategies.

Cloud Consulting

Design and implementation, cloud migrations, resource optimization, and security and design evaluation.

Advance your Private Cloud Processes with a Reliable Partner!

From Cloud migrations to proactive support, we deliver tangible IT results. With more than 7 years of experience in accelerating businesses, our certified engineers can help you achieve your goals: performance optimization, ROI boost, and cost reduction.

We are helping companies design, architect, migrate, build, and manage their application workloads. We enable businesses to advance their journey to the Private Cloud, overachieve desired business outcomes, and reach emerging global markets.

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