Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Migrate to Google Cloud Platform and accelerate your Cloud transformation

Google Cloud Platform lets you grow at the pace you want to, and innovate rapidly through its huge cloud infrastructure

Businesses adapt to a dynamic way of operating in order to stay ahead of their competition. IT is approached as a business driver, one that can have positive effects on a company’s bottom line. Using Google Cloud Platform GCP helps organizations of all sizes to overcome drawbacks such as high costs and complexity.

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Services Images

Use ITGix services and make GCP your Business Enablement Engine

ITGix can help you transform your business operations with GCP, evolve strategically, and create real value for your business. Google Cloud Platform workloads offer lots of flexibility for your applications with on-demand scaling, consistent deployments with zero downtime.

Get Actionable Answers from our Certified GCP Consultants on the most critical aspects of GCP services adoption

With our experienced Google Cloud experts, we utilize our deep consulting expertise to lead transformation and run digital enablement projects, and we help our clients grow and succeed.

Our GCP Cloud Solutions:

Our GCP Services consist of:

Technical Support

Assistance and unlimited support from ITGix Certified Cloud Experts.

Live Monitoring 24X7X365

Monitoring and escalations alerting with live Dashboards provided.

DevOps Automation

Infrastructure as code, governance and compliance, microservices management, code integration & deployment automation provided.

Security Management

Monitoring & incident management, access management, identify vulnerabilities, and design secure architecture.

Log management

Centralized log management, application, and policy-based log retention and archival, network log manager.

Backup Management

Incident Management, Disaster Recovery, instant recoveries, backup life-cycle management.

Audit and Compliance

Auditing, preservation & execution, security automation, standards and best practices.

Reports & Reviews

Usage & billing reports, performance & security audits, cost optimization strategies.

Cloud Consulting

Design and implementation, cloud migrations, resource optimization, and security and design evaluation.

Google’s cloud platform provides secure, reliable and highly scalable cloud computing services to its users

Google Cloud comes with reliability and security, with the pay as you use model, organizations of any size can use Google Cloud Platform to grow and succeed in their business objectives.

Google Cloud Platform services are robust and offer solutions based on your main computing needs: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software-as-a-service (SaaS). Get the best of what Google has to offer with ITGix Google Cloud Services.

Google’s cloud platform provides secure, reliable and highly scalable cloud computing services to its users


Google Cloud Platform has implemented best practices in security. It guarantees the continuous availability and confidentiality of your data and provides end-to-end privacy and security.


Google offers major key factors in its pricing model, including Sub-hour Billing and Sustained use Discount.


The functionality of the cloud platform and the technology behind it is finely tuned by leading experts in the field and has evolved to meet the needs of enterprises of all sizes.

Faster time to market

Google Cloud Platform significantly reduces time-to-market for new apps and features. You can also deliver software updates to end-users more frequently and easily.


GCP Cloud-based products and services are accessible from any location and on any device in no time and from anywhere in the world.


Cloud solutions are extremely responsive to workload lunges and allows scaling resources almost instantly. Businesses can scale up their performance capacity to meet increasing loads and scale down when surges end.

Advance your Google Cloud Processes with a Reliable GCP Partner!

From Cloud migrations to proactive support, we deliver tangible IT results. With more than 7 years of experience in accelerating businesses, our certified engineers can help you achieve your goals: performance optimization, ROI boost, and cost reduction.

We are helping companies design, architect, migrate, build, and manage their application workloads. We enable businesses to advance their journey to the GCP cloud, overachieve desired business outcomes, and reach emerging global markets.

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