А company in the InsurеTech business is looking for a modernization of its environments, more efficient Deployment and Delivery process for its customers. The deployments are targeted to multi cloud vendors including the leading providers and self-hosted clouds.
Main driver for the company is to improve the Deployment lifecycle of the application and make it error prone.

Focal advantages of this project are:

  • Cost efficiency for deployment;
  • Quick installation and validation of new versions;
  • Standardization across deployments
  • Isolation of human errors.


The challenge in the project is executing strategy for multi cloud providers and ensuring the Automation will work consistently everywhere. One of the major issues nowadays is to pick the right spectrum of technologies which will help you. When it comes to multi cloud strategy it is always an important pick as an abstraction layer will save a decent amount of time to learn and support them in future. In addition, the solution must also have log aggregation and monitoring components in the architecture. The observability stack should be suitable for all clouds and environments.

Multiple clouds | Observability stack | Consistency |



In ITGix we have years of experience in automation and delivering successful cloud solutions to our customers. We have teams focused on different clouds as we know focus is key for success of individual targets.
In recent years one of the standards in DevOps and standardization is called Kubernetes. Technology became the de facto standard for almost all cloud providers which eased the deployments. ITGix has significant expertise in building and using Kubernetes services.

We have achieve the following goals for the project:

  • Help our customer with architecture and technology to use;
  • Build cross team with member utilizing different cloud providers;
  • Build automated private, Amazon and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Code;
  • Migration of solution to operators;
  • End-to-end Deployment Automation;
  • Observability of all components.

Our experts understand all requirements and products and together with the customer’s team we manage to find the best solution based on the latest trends and technologies. That enable the successful execution of projects and beginning of the next phase.
In the ITGix operations model we have divided teams with multi expertise but stressing on focus on different cloud solutions. The complexity of the different cloud and managing knowhow of cloud providers is spread across these teams. For projects like this we build a cross technology team. That adds extra efficiency and multi culture to the teams.
Project was delivered utilizing Kubernetes and Cloud Native ecosystem of operators. We believe this is one most reliable and consistent way to deliver stability, scalability and less cost for support of Kubernetes running applications.
CI/CD is a key for each customer as it enables the teams to deliver fast. Pipelining is something we use in this project together with the team to ensure we have a proper life cycle of the application.
Last but not least, there is the Observability stack. Each environment requires proper Monitoring and Alerting not only reactive, but also proactive. In the Kubernetes ecosystem the dynamicity of the applications enables greater visibility of the running stack. We apply latest trends and service monitors to achieve the result.

Benefits for customer:

  • Quick adoption of multi cloud setup
  • Efficiency of deployment process
  • Quick delivery to end customers
  • End to end monitoring and alerting