PCI DSS Compliant AWS Infrastructure for Proxying Credit Card Transactions

The Project We were contacted by the financial branch of a German automotive company. The client was looking to set up a multi-environment AWS infrastructure that would facilitate proxying financial transactions from their existing merchant applications towards external third-party payment gateway providers. As a requirement to process financial transactions the Production systems needed to be compliant […]

monitor oracle database with prometheus

ABOUT THE PROJECT A company in the Streaming & Media sector needed a new Monitoring System for their Oracle Database. PREREQUISITES Kubernetes cluster up and running. Prometheus operator set up and working. Database working on a separate VM, bare metal, or some cloud provider service offering and some kind of connectivity from K8s to the […]

NFS Network File System Server

ABOUT THE PROJECT A company in the Streaming & Media sector needed a new NFS Network File System server to be used by their streaming servers to transfer large recording files for the time-shift function. What is a Network File System NFS? NFS, or Network File System, is a collaboration system that allows users to […]

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ABOUT THE PROJECT A Swiss-based technology company providing automated application, product, and workflow building solutions has contacted ITGix. The client needed an end-to-end automation solution that will be used to spin up individual AWS or Azure accounts, deploy all necessary infrastructure and application services, and set up automated monitoring for all components. Additionally, all applications […]

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ABOUT THE PROJECT A leading global marketing company providing strategic, creative, and integrated marketing services for healthcare and medical communications has contacted us to build an environment within Amazon Web Services (AWS). The main concerns of the company are security and data privacy. The safety of patient’s data is the most overbearing barrier to access […]


ABOUT THE PROJECT A company in the Marketing and Advertising industry is looking for improvement of its infrastructure’s availability, making it more reliable, reducing outages and performance issues. Main concerns of the company are high availability and autoscaling: The ability to rapidly and consistently build, configure and deploy enables two extremely important patterns: High Availability […]


ABOUT THE PROJECT А company in the InsurеTech business is looking for a modernization of its environments, more efficient Deployment and Delivery process for its customers. The deployments are targeted to multi cloud vendors including the leading providers and self-hosted clouds. Main driver for the company is to improve the Deployment lifecycle of the application […]

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ABOUT THE PROJECT Why go for multi-master setup? To have a truly reliable, highly available distributed system for your applications. Master fault tolerance. Why go for multi-zone setup? To improve availability in case of a single zone outage/maintenance. Zone failure tolerance. Why 3 masters? Some of the master components need to run as a single […]