ITGix Partners with Universities for Educational Opportunities

ITGix’s CTO is teaching Emerging Technology Solutions

Last week, ITGix attended the graduation ceremony of the University of Telecommunications and Post‘s graduates. ITGix’s CTO and university lecturer Mihail Vukadinoff presented the diplomas to the top-of-the-class graduates. ITGix also gave special awards to the graduating class in gratitude for their continuous dedication, passion for innovation, and perseverance during their studies.

ITGix’s CTO on the Graduation Day of University of Telecommunications and Post

Why do we partner with Universities and provide top-notch educational assistance?

Our partnership serves to offer training and career paths in universities. We help universities better equip their students with the most innovative and practical skills in this field.

In today’s world of information technology and the constant changes in the technology stack, many students are unable to formulate their skills in a way that makes direct sense for the industry.

Our Chief Technical Officer Mihail Vukadinov teaches courses on designing an environment for information technology services at the University of Telecommunications and Post. His lectures teach innovative practical industry skills, solutions, and tools.

Our participation allows universities to benefit students in both broad college and bootcamp education in a unified curriculum. These courses are relevant, practical and fill the skills gap which ultimately helps students find work or advance in their careers while continuing to work for a degree.

Moreover, we believe that sharing our knowledge and many years of experience with young professionals is key to the development of information technology. Quality education is not only theoretical but also practical training in order to be as useful as possible for young talents who are starting their professional growth. ITGix and the IT ecosystem encourage innovation and the exchange of information for the full development of young professionals.

As a result, our corporate educational assistance has become a key element in the benefits package of the modern university of technology. For students, this type of professional development proposal can help achieve goals related to skills enrichment, increased motivation, accurate career planning, and continuous development.

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Credits for picture

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