How does a NON-TECH PERSON describe DevOps?

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Why do we necessarily need DevOps, how does it boost our business’ productivity and incomes and which are the main DevOps tools in use?

1. I’m not a tech expert, explain DevOps to me?

What is DevOps? A tool? An approach? A role? Let’s finally answer this question and find out why adopting DevOps leads to faster product delivery and higher quality.

Why seek the DevOps approach and what are the main benefits of integrating it into your software development process? Does any Business need a DevOps approach? How to achieve the flexibility and operational efficiency of the business infrastructure, being minimal costs served by a solid dose of professionalism, responsiveness, and active collaboration? Let’s dive into explanations and divide DevOps into three parts: DevOps as a philosophy, as a set of practices, and using the right tools.

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