CORPORATE ANNIVERSARY of ITGix: 5 YEARS of Driving Innovation

ITGix Team
ITGix Team
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Last Updated: 20.09.2023

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ITGix is a leading DevOps company

ITGix has been on the market for a whole 5 years now and we are amazed by how much we have improved, what we have achieved and we are beyond excited for the great future ahead of us. As we celebrate this wonderful event, we feel compelled to thank each of our employees for the great effort and dedication they have shown over the years.

We express our gratitude to each of our partners, who helped us come so far. Of course, we would like to thank our superhuman management team, who made us all come together and bring out the best of us in order for us to do what we do with passion every single day.

Our success is a result of our constant desire for improvement and innovation, deep know-how and strong abilities, continuous commitment, dedication, and professionalism, that we bring with us in every project. If sometimes there are bumps and curves on the way, our experience can ensure the successful crossing of the finish line. In sports, every win is a result of the qualities of the sportsman and the team behind him. It is the same in business – the growth of the company is a result of hard work, bright ideas, and the right partners. We will continue to innovate, deliver the best possible services to our amazing partners.

ITGix is a consulting company that offers bespoke solutions that allow companies and large organizations around the world to operate more efficiently and effectively. We provide sustainable business practices, helping companies reduce their operational costs with the automation of processes and best-fit business DevOps services in order to maintain profitability and skyrocket businesses.

Our founders on ITGix’s special day

But you may wonder how it all started and how we got here: let’s see what our CEO Kamen Tarlov and CTO Mihail Vukadinov shared with us on this on this special occasion:

“I really appreciate this anniversary as it reflects the talent and effort we have put into overcoming numerous challenges over the years! Moreover, I am sure there are many more challenges yet to come and we are more than prepared to face them. Our story began with the idea of improving the current processes of building infrastructures after years of experience in that field. By utilizing the best DevOps practices we managed to bring great advantage to our partners and that is what inspires us. I would like to say “big thanks” to our staff and partners, and to all people and organizations who contributed to our success. We are looking forward to even further improving our organization and bringing value to our partners! “

Kamen Tarlov, CEO

“What an amazing journey! Looking back at the last 5 years I’m stunned at how far we’ve come. There was a little bit of everything, but to sum it up – fun, sweat, and tears of joy. I remember in the early days, how both Kamen (the CEO) and I, were carrying servers into customer data centers and traveling across Germany to present our services. Now we work with more than 25 professionals and we’re an official Oracle supplier and a solution partner of AWS. We grabbed the container wave and were amongst the first early adopters to run production Kubernetes HA clusters in the cloud when there were no cloud provider-managed Kubernetes offerings. I want to thank our partners that were with us from the start and I believe we proved we’re a trusted partner and added value to their business. Special thanks also to all of our partners in the past 5 years, I promise we’ll continue to deliver the best results. And of course, thanks to all of ITGix employees, the essence of our company, for giving their best to achieve what we are today.”

Mihail Vukadinoff, CTO

We owe our splendid success to our employees and our partners. What our employees have achieved through our accomplishments is exemplary. We are proud of them and aspire for them to continue to raise the bar with their talent and creativity, hard work, and dedication. We would like to thank them for their continued support and dedicated work ethic. Their unconditional commitment and professionalism are truly remarkable, and it inspires us to get better. As their innovative ways have proved nothing is impossible, we would like to call them our dream team. Thank you and keep up the good work! Our partners matter most to us. We would like to thank them for being one of our success stories. It has been a pleasure helping them throughout the years! Doing business with them is our greatest asset and we are always happy to provide the best and most innovative best-fit solutions at the market.

And what do we expect from and wish for in the future? We aspire to many more years of unparalleled success and unrivaled corporate services. We hope that our experience can reassure our current partners and those to trust us in the future of the commitment we have to scale our business from a start-up setting to a preferred provider of DevOps and Cloud services.

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