As an experienced DevOps consulting services company, we understand the importance of Elasticsearch in powering mission-critical applications and services. Users may store, search, and analyze massive amounts of data in real time using Elasticsearch, an open-source distributed search and analytics engine. Built on top of the Lucene search engine library, Elasticsearch is designed to be […]

Before we start discussing AIOps and how it can be integrated into DevOps, let me first go back to 2017, when the term “Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps)” was defined for the first time by Gartner. What does “AIOps” mean? According to Gartner, “AIOps,” or “Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations,” is a term used […]

The gaming industry is frequently pressed to react quickly to the demands of its global audience. Customer expectations for more immersive gaming experiences on more gaming platforms are always rising. A very challenging environment has been established for game developers, ranging from always online and live service games to the ever-rising player requests for more […]

What is Cloud Migration?  Cloud migration is the process of moving databases, applications, services, IT resources, and other digital assets either partially or wholly from an organization’s on-premises infrastructure to a cloud computing environment. This process can include moving data to a public cloud, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, […]

As we discussed in our Hands-on Introduction to Kubernetes, the shift to microservice architecture led to the need for an orchestration tool that can be used for the containers’ lifecycle management. Since its release in 2015 – Kubernetes quickly became sort of a standard for such orchestration. Along with its adoption growth, the security concerns […]

What are Operators in Kubernetes? Operators are like software extensions to the API server, which provide additional functionalities in Kubernetes. They automate the whole lifecycle of the software they control, in that they allow us to package, deploy, and manage a Kubernetes application. How do they do that? They define CRs (Custom Resources) to run […]

What do we call an incident in the world of IT? We classify an incident as an unexpected event that may cause an interruption of service, operation, or feature, thereby affecting end-user productivity. The incident may be caused by an asset not functioning properly or by problems with the network. Examples of incidents include any […]