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About us

ITGix is a company that operates on the IT market since 2015, providing quality managed services to its customers. Our experienced DevOps Team works together to deliver stability and efficiency so that our customers can focus on their core business.

We believe that automation and DevOps are the future of IT Infrastructure and focus heavily on those aspects. The majority of our team has chosen to work together because we love problem solving and think that we can add a lot of value to our customers' IT infrastructure.

Competitive advantages

Our best asset are our people. We started ITGix as a group of friends that used to work together in the same company and found that we have a lot of passion for the IT Industry and the way it has been developing in the past decade.  We have, so far, kept that trend of hiring like-minded and motivated people. 

Our location is one of our biggest competitive advantages. We are located in Sofia, Bulgaria. This provides advantages on many levels and specifically :

  • Bulgaria has one of the fastest growing Tech, DevOps and R&D scenes in Europe.
  • Access to the European Union's market and its advantages.
  • Very high concentration of Engineering and DevOps talent due to the high demand of companies in the industry in the past two decades.
  • Very good salary rates for the IT sector compared to the other industries, leading to a higher motivation for younger people to seek long term career paths within the industry.
  • Low taxes, leading to lots of industry leaders deciding to branch out their companies with offices in Bulgaria. (